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Sexy Racers: The Adult Board Game For Adventurous Couples & Groups : About
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About The Game

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to race your counter around the street circuit by rolling the dice and carrying out sexual ‘Actions’ along the way. The type of actions will depend on the type of location you land on and the game ‘Level’ that is currently active (1 or 2 for Regular Mode, 1,2, or 3 for XXX Mode).

The winner is the first player to complete the set number of laps (configurable during setup).


If you ACCEPT an action and perform it you will get to stay in the location you landed on. But if you DECLINE an action you will be moved back to where you came from.

You also have the option to CHANGE an action, providing you have at least one change token at the time. All players will start the game with 3 change tokens, but beware of 'Officer Nasty' the local street cop, who will take them off you as a bribe for letting you go!


The winner will receive an EXTRA SPECIAL ACTION as a prize for winning the race, one that is much more extreme than the in-game actions.


The game makes use of lots of different sex toys, food items, drink items etc.

It is not essential that you have all of these, but the more you have, the more fun is possible!

Items such as...





Handcuffs Strawberries Champagne Massage Oil
Silk scarf or rope Grapes A regular drink Blindfold
Vibrator Cherries Ice Cubes Camera
Dildo Syrup or Honey   Video Camera
Strap on dildo Cream   Condoms
  Banana   Lubricant

All of the items are optional, and can be replaced/substituted however you like.



We played this game and had our friends over to play, let's just say we had some sexy new experiences! x - Lisa, Florida (US)


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